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    Aluminum windows and doors industry challenges and opportunities

    Today, a variety of factors affected the real estate, building materials industry has been in a recession. Among them, aluminum windows and doors industry could not escape the dilemma.

    After the implementation of regulatory policies, real estate trading volume dropped significantly, making use also will reduce the amount of aluminum windows and doors. Sales companies and distributors aluminum windows and doors were subsequently decline.

    Present situation of Chengdu, aluminum windows and doors industry, can be described as challenges and opportunities. Companies only make timely adjustments in a timely manner to seize and take advantage of market opportunities to Win.

    Energy saving, environmental protection, or as the main theme

    Relevant data show that over the next decade, China's real estate industry will not continue extensive development, but will enter a period of planning, design and high quality construction. Then, as an important part of the housing structure - doors and windows, aluminum doors and windows in particular, but also from the past into the bulk system design and installation business era. Thus, the advantages of aluminum doors and windows constitute green energy, the system will be well represented. Insiders said: "aluminum alloy doors and windows in the building market share will remain above 55%, the product mix changed greatly affected by the state building energy efficiency policies and energy crisis, the use of the ratio of energy saving aluminum doors and windows. would have greatly improved. "

    "Project + retail" combination Tinto City

    Before making the state regulation of real estate, many Chengdu aluminum producers are targeting sales in the engineering market. However, with the role of national regulatory policies after the show, aluminum windows and doors in the engineering market sales significantly reduced.

    On the current situation, in Chengdu, aluminum doors and windows well past traditional engineering in addition to maintaining a single outside, have opened their own stores in order to expand the retail market. Chengdu Feiyu Door In just opened near the south gate of the building materials Chengdu Fuson US malls set up its own stores, and plans to build stores in all secondary cities in Sichuan. Chen Gang, general manager of Chengdu Feiyu Door, said:. "Establish a sound, professional dealer ranks, is essential for the development of a company's market situation is good can 'icing on the cake', the market situation is not good, then for enterprises 'timely'. "

    Therefore, engineering units and retail single in the current market environment are complementary, indispensable. Some companies are also developing better toward the front of such a development goal line.

    "Affordable housing + urbanization" policy support

    Currently, aluminum windows and doors industry has faced a severe situation, but there are many favorable conditions. In recent years, while a large number of construction of various types of affordable housing in Chengdu Chengdu city government will also transform the shantytowns, aluminum doors and there is still a vast market.

    It is understood that, with the two cities in Sichuan and orderly conduct of urban expansion construction, urban construction in housing construction also increases the rigidity of the demand for aluminum doors and windows, aluminum windows and doors industry finally saw a glimmer of hope.

    Strengthen research and development Lianhaoneigong

    Chengdu aluminum doors and windows in the current industry, product homogeneity have been plaguing the industry. Aluminum doors and enterprises to develop, we must first Lianhaoneigong and product innovation. The market is merciless. Whether companies choose to do high-end products, or do low-end product, should according to their own circumstances, have a choice. Product and brand positioning, according to their own situation to choose, is the best for business.