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    What is a sun room? Sun room decoration knowledge

    What is a sun room?

    Sun room, also called glass house, is a glass and metal frame built Ming non-traditional architecture, in order to achieve and enjoy the sun, close to the purpose of nature. Sun room has a very good English name --winter garden, winter garden is meant literally. It has two meanings: First, it implements the room and close contact with the sun, even in the cold winter, but also to enjoy the warmth of the sun. Second, due to the unique sun room insulation effect can be achieved greenhouse function, even in the cold winter, but also to create a warm environment for the family room. Aluminum composite wood sun room has a separate facade and the roof structure can be very good with any architectural style of the building integration, with good acoustic insulation effect, to overcome the traditional sun room, hot summer and cold winter, ice and other defects fogging .

    Sun room before the renovation should do your homework, sun room design, the construction process is the need to pay attention to some details may wish to refer to the following?:

    1, the sun room floor tiles are not laid flat the more the better. When planning a garden at the exclusive owner of the sun room, the floor tiles do not need to shop too flat, the best sort of a little gully, which retain water and soil there are certain advantages, natural geological features also adopt such a more environmentally friendly way of science. Roof drain corner where appropriate to reduce the number of planes to facilitate excessive soil moisture Lou Pai away from the ground. In addition, the board is to be laid in a similar non-woven isolation layer to prevent leakage in the water the next process of sediment away, even clogged pipes.