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    Steel Doors or Fiberglass Doors: which entry system is right for you.

    If the time was spent carefully selecting the tile on the kitchen’s back-splash, then why should your entry door get any less attention? There will be lots of ideas to point at and say “I want that one” but is it ‘the one’? Your home is beautiful, and picking the right front door will help to keep it that way. But this extends beyond just having a pretty entryway to your home – functionality and how it fits into your lifestyle is equally important.

    Both, steel and fiberglass doors are a more cost friendly alternative to traditional wood doors. If painted in similar colours the fiberglass and steel doors give a very similar look. And best of all, both are energy efficient and require minimal upkeep. However, these door styles do have some differences. Below we have outlined some points to consider during the final decision-making process.

    What is the interior and exterior finish of your home?

    When choosing an exterior door, let the design and architecture of your home dictate the style. If your house has a beige stucco exterior with wood trims throughout the inside, then selecting a white standard two-panel door will stand out for all the wrong reasons. Both steel and fiberglass entry doors offer a wide variety of exterior finish colours. Fiberglass however, goes the extra mile to offer a ‘wood look’ finish. This also includes stainable frames, which will compliment the interior wood trims of your home.

    If you prefer modern and geometric designs, then consider a flush (slab door with no panels) steel door, to give you the contemporary aesthetic.

    And finally, if you are scouring the internet for ideas, select homes that have a similar exterior finish as yours – it will help visualize what your home will look like.


    What direction does your entryway face?

    The elevation of a home determines which rooms get morning sunlight, afternoon sunlight or the most sunlight. No doubt, exterior doors will also be affected by their elevations. South and west facing doors (with no awning) will endure the most weathering from the sun, whereas their locational opposites receive a calmer weathering treatment.

    Both, steel doors and fiberglass doors are energy efficient, resistant to cracking and warping and offer good insulation. Steel doors are conductors of temperature, so if outside the temperature is 0 degrees, expect your steel door to be cold to the touch. Steel doors also do require a bit more maintenance but in the long run cost less than fiberglass doors, additionally, when using the right material and professional a steel door is easier to refinish than fiberglass.


    How much ‘tough love’ will your door receive?

    When selecting an exterior door, consider these questions:

    Are large objects being constantly moved in and out of the home?

    Do you have a busy/active household?

    Do you have pets that will be walking throughout the house?

    How much clearance does the door have from hooks and interior doors when open?

    These are definitely all more personal questions but very important before signing that dotted line. Fiberglass doors resist rotting, deterioration and rusting. Steel doors can be easily dented, paint chipping is common and scratches can lead to rust. Both systems require low maintenance but one has a lower cost than the other. The decision you make is determined by how much wear and tear your doors will endure.


    No door or window system is life-proof but picking the right one to match your lifestyle can save you in the long run. We understand that each home is unique and offer a large selection so you can find doors that match your lifestyle and tastes.