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    Sun room placed Taboo

    Which plants suitable place in the sun room it?

    A sun room suitable place mash pot. The huge glass sun room can be outside of the spring by King over, but slightly monotonous, required shape and bright green plants to enhance the beauty of the house and interior comfort. Pink, yellow flowers of different kinds of plants, put together a very coordinated. Leaf size, varying levels of plant combinations, interpretation ahead of the arrival of spring. Choose mash pot turned landscaping protagonist.

    2, near the basin sun room suitable choice sparse vegetation. Countertop basin near the remaining space more, stainless steel basin is slightly cold feeling. Choose plants do not need to be too dense for flat space, but let the pot with flowers in part from gushing out, scattered exudes vitality, turned beautify protagonist optional brilliant pink potted flowers.

    3, sun room bedside cabinet position suitable place spherical multicolor flower blooming. Simple nightstand, might put some more features styling pots, planters themselves able to express a desired atmosphere. Rounded glass gold eye-catching and unique care pots, hydroponic type Zairu vibrant bouquet of color, a kind of modified intention delicate beauty. Optional spherical hero turned landscaping multicolor flower blooming.