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    On the aluminum door installation steps

    A: install ago

    1: Analysis of the position of parts required for installation of the opened package. Such as: locks, wheels, screws, profiles and other accessories.

    2: The combination of products requires stitching frame, and the location of the hole is larger than the smallest frame size for each benchmark foot complex.

    3: The combined product and owners need to confirm the positive and negative direction of the product. (Doors placement) as: Top view: inside and outside placement. Note: According to orders placed during indicate a plan view.

    Two: Install

    1: the flattening good frame into the hole.

    2: the frame up and down inside the hole, about tune into the vertical, but the upper and lower levels is becoming a parallel track. In the process of adjusting the additional wood or other good stuff pad (good plug), making it a more qualified requirements.

    3: The hole has been tuned within the frame screws or other things were fixed, and then after a complete test frame fixed to see if qualified. Otherwise, the next step does not work.

    4: put on the doors as required, adjust the pulley, making the door sliding back and forth smoothly.

    5: fitted with all accessories. Such as: Lock fittings, gland, and other accessories.

    6: once again after passing the whole integrity of the testing, please owners of acceptance, and patient counseling issues and methods should be noted that the use of maintenance.

    Three: After acceptance

    1: The installed product according to good photos.

    2: leave each other's contact phone number.

    3: packed tool, courtesy of the owners of road.