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    Aluminum doors and mass resolution Sambo

    Selected product is clearly satisfied to pick products, doors and windows for the importance of a family has not saying much. Most modern home decoration needs with aluminum doors, windows and doors on the market an array of products allows you to pick dazzled whether it? Here I will explain how to determine the merits of aluminum windows and doors.

    A look at the price

    In general, high-quality aluminum windows and doors because of the high consumption costs, the price is higher than the low-grade aluminum alloy doors and about 30%. Some have a wall thickness of only 0.6-0.8 mm aluminum doors and windows made of aluminum, tensile strength and yield strength is much lower than the relevant national standards, the use of very safe. In addition, there are more processing aluminum windows and doors of the self-employed, they do not know the structural characteristics and properties of aluminum windows and doors. In order to reduce the cost of cutting corners, shoddy, greater product risks, generally should not be used. The best selection of regular consumption of aluminum windows and doors manufacturers.

    Second, look at the processing

    High quality aluminum windows and doors, fine processing, installation stress, good sealing performance, switch freely. Poor quality of aluminum windows and doors, aluminum blind selection series and specifications, processing shoddy, to sawing and milling instead, do not follow the requirements for installation, sealing performance is poor, the switch does not freely, not only leakage leaks and burst phenomenon occurs glass, and in case to strong winds and external forces, the sliding part or glass easily scraped off or touch down, wounding and breaking things.

    Third, look at the use of materials

    High quality aluminum windows and doors used in aluminum, thickness, strength and oxidation film, should comply with the relevant provisions of national standards, should be 1.2 mm wall thickness, tensile strength reached 157 Newtons per square millimeter, the yield strength to reach every Newton 108 mm, the thickness of the oxide film should reach 10 microns. If you can not reach the above criteria, is inferior aluminum doors, can not use.