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    1, Strong brand power

    Embry Group originated from Hong Kong, adhering to the international brand lineage, the introduction of the world's leading machinery and equipment, set up high-level professional and technical team to achieve the development, production, marketing, brand management, reached the international advanced level.

    2, excellent quality control force

    5S enterprises to adopt standardized management, passed ISO9001: 2000 quality assurance system, manufactured products through rigorous testing before, and anti-counterfeit labels, to ensure the authenticity of origin of the product.

    3, high-quality material force

    Imported from Germany, locks, wheels and other quality accessories hanging round, using China Compulsory Certification Standards "CCC" automotive grade hollow glass, aluminum and wood color with Italian technology and vacuum treatment, to ensure consistent color.

    4, superb technical ability

    R & D, production, sales and service for one, has a professional design team and the world's advanced computer-controlled equipment imported from Germany, and industry-leading technology, modern production line to ensure the daily output of more than 1000 square meters.

    5, excellent product strength

    Products with high strength, rigidity, no oxidation, rugged features, and noise insulation, moisture mold, anti-leakage, no noise, light and flexible features such as opening and closing, easy to use, long life, can be adapted different climates around.

    6, high productivity

    Product 10 days of delivery, to ensure the best collaborations and consumer interests of franchisees and consumers.

    7, a wide range of utilization

    Products applicable to ordinary civilian, luxury villas, commercial decoration, hotel, real estate construction, large buildings and other buildings and places.

    8, the strong profitability "force"

    Systematic training of the company's unified sales, installation, service and other aspects of store operations for the franchisee; the person responsible for the pre-opening franchisee store location, decor design, decoration guidance and sampling, while giving franchisees provide post terminal sales operations guidance to ensure that each franchisee succeed.

    9, a strong sales force

    Nearly 300 existing franchisees, selling products of many capital cities and the second and third tier cities, and exported to Europe, America, Middle East and other dozens of countries and regions.

    10, perfect service force

    Companies year replacement parts, five-year warranty and lifetime maintenance policies. At the same time opened a 24-hour national free service hotline: 400-830-XXXX, to provide customers with the most convenient and the best quality service.